ESD simulator ESD-203A Return
Product overview
LIONCEL’s ESD Simulator(Series A) is an economical product for IEC 61000-4-2. It is designed to meet the requirements of the latest IEC 61000-4-2 standard, also many other standards including ISO 10605, ITU, GR1089, etc. The equipment can provide comprehensive and perfect plan in order to evaluate the electrostatic discharge immunity ability. The maximum output voltage of this series can be 30kV.

1. It meets the latest standards of IEC 61000-4-2, and it can also be used in automotive and semiconductor.

2. Compact structure, lightweight, convenient to test.

3. Positive and negative two independent high voltage power supply, reliable performance.

4. Good quality high voltage discharge switch, greatly improved life for the instrument.

6. IEC standard level and user self-setting function built-in;

7. The discharge gun is designed lightweight for easy operation.

Meet the standards:

IEC61000-4-2 IEC61000-4-2 Ed.2 GB/T17626.2 ISO10605   ITU-TK20 IEC/EN61000-6-1/-2   IEC/EN61340-3-1   IEC/ EN61326   GR1089   Other specific manufacturer standard

application area:

Industrial Equipment, Electric Instruments, Vehicle-borne Electronics, Medical Instruments, Lighting Appliances, Communication Transmission, Audio and Video Equipment, Low Voltage Electrical Appliances, Electronic Components, Electric Tools, Information Technology Equipment, Orbital and Space Electrical Appliances, Instruments, Painting Technology, Connector Products

technical parameter:
Type ESD-203A
Output voltage 0.1~30kV±5%
Polarity of output voltage Positive / negative
Pulse network 330Ω±5%/150pF±10%(can be substituted or expanded)
Vehicle pulse network





Rise time 0.6~1ns
Test mode Single, counting, air discharge, contact discharge, IEC level built-in
Trigger mode Automatic, manual, gun control (voltage rise / drop + polarity switching + high voltage start and stop).
Discharge times 1~9999次
Discharge duration 0.05s~9.99s
Screen LED
Power AC85~265V 50/60Hz,功率100W
Size 265*395*165mm
Weight 7.4Kg
Video playback:

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