Surge&Burst Generator LSE-545CB Return
Product overview
Lse-545cb is a highly integrated and efficient testing surge and pulse group immunity test system developed by Lingshi. The whole equipment fully meets the requirements of the latest iec61000-4-4 and-5 standards. It not only provides excellent interference performance, but also integrates the latest operation and control technology of the instrument, bringing different experience to EMC test.

1.7 "color capacitive touch screen provides friendly and powerful man-machine control interface;

2. The interface can write test program directly and quickly to realize intelligent test operation;

3. Built in calibration factor self calibration function, convenient for user self calibration;

4. Rich and perfect communication interface design, in addition to standard RS485 serial port and Ethernet port, WiFi wireless interface is also configured to realize the control of mobile phones and tablets;

5. High voltage and high-speed semiconductor switches are used for surge and pulse group to ensure extremely excellent interference waveform and interference characteristics;

6. The maximum peak value of pulse group and surge test voltage can reach 5kV, to ensure enough test margin for users.

7. Highly integrated design, saving test space, a machine to complete the user test.

Meet the standards:

IEC61000-4-4 Ed.3  IEC61000-4-4 Ed.2   EN61000-4-4   GB/T17626.4

IEC61000-4-5 Ed.3  EN61000-4-5  GB/T17626.5

application area:

Industrial equipment, power instruments, vehicle borne electronics, medical devices, lighting appliances, communication equipment, audio and video equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, electronic components, electric tools, information technology equipment, rail transit Aerospace appliances, instruments and meters

technical parameter:
Type LSE-545CB
Jamming type Immunity of electrical fast transient pulse group and surge
Electrical fast transient burst generator
Output voltage 0.2~5kV (+10%)
Pulse Frequency 0.1kHz~1000kHz Continuously adjustable
Pulse Polarity Positive/negative/ positive-negative index
Internal Resistance 50Ω
Pulse front 5ns±30%
Pulse width(在50Ω) 50ns±30%
Pulse width(在1kΩ) 35ns~150ns
Number of monopulse 1~500 pulses
Surge Generator
Output voltage 0.2~5kV (+10%)
Output current 0.1~2.5kA(+10%)
Surge polarity Positive / negative / positive and negative automatic alternation
Output waveform

Open circuit voltage wave: leading edge 1.2us ± 30%, pulse width 50uS ± 20%

Short circuit current wave: front 8us ± 20% pulse width 20us ± 20%

Impedance 2Ω/12Ω/40Ω
Pulse interval 10s~600s(1s stepping)
General parameters
Angle injection Asynchronous / synchronous, 0-359 degrees, step value is 1 degree
Testing function Interference with any phase programmed injection, built-in IEC test level, voltage step test
Coupling / decoupling network Built in, single phase three wire,AC250V/16A, DC30V/16A
Screen Android based color touch screen
Software interface RS485(Extensible)、Ethernet port、WIFI
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Size 19''/4U
Weight 20kg
Video playback:

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