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Product overview
LIONCEL LAS-7600 Vehicle Electronic Interference Simulation Test System is a complete set of vehicle electronic immunity test system developed according to the latest requirements of ISO 7637-2 " Road vehicles—Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling— Part 2: Electrical transient conduction along supply lines only " The system is an indispensable test and evaluation basis for quality assurance and product testing of electrical and electronic equipment for automobile matching.


1.  Built-in waveform library of mainstream garage;

2.  Output waveform fulfill ISO7637-2:2004 standard and can provide all seven waveforms.

3.  Output waveform fulfill ISO16750-2:2006 standard and can be edited arbitrarily to simulate more complex power supply variation interference types.

4.  Color touchscreen, master-slave module extension technology framework, intelligent network control for easier upgrading;

5.  Upper computer port and software to realize waveform programming and controlling by human-machine information exchange;

6.  Vehicle test for 12V/24V/42V system (according to user’s choice); 7. The principle of the power supply variation generator is a four-quadrant bipolar power amplifier. The frequency response of the high-power linear amplifier is up to 150 kHz and it supports power expansion.

Meet the standards:
ISO7637-2  ISO7637-3  ISO16750-2 manufacturers’ standards GB21437 
application area:

Satellite navigation and positioning system, electronic map, electronic collision avoidance system, automatic driving system, car phone, car TV and audio equipment, automobile air conditioning and air refreshing equipment, mileage meter, remote control accounting system, security system, vehicle automatic identification system, automobile instrument, automobile electric, automobile electronic device

technical parameter:
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